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Hill View Residency

REDBOX aims to provide the best property solutions available in Hill View Residency in terms of fully furnished apartments with all the associated facilities to make you happy. You will be provided with the maximized standards of living to suit each and every need that you behold. There is a flexible payment plan based on 4 years provided with these apartments. There are one and two-bedroom apartments available along with a number of amenities.


This project is located in precinct 6 of Bahria Town which is near the Main Gate of Bahria Town and can be easily reached. This is an astonishing location for an apartment project present in Bahria Town Karachi.


Who says NO to marvelously furnished apartments on an easy and affordable four years installment plan? Probably no one! Hill View Residency Karachi is the perfect opportunity where investment has been made accessible to give you high returns. Bahria Town Karachi is commonly known for its excellence. This project by Zameen Property Network is a perfect example of it. As per the Hill View Residency map, living with convenience is unmatchable here. Karachi is always been known to be the Manhattan of Pakistan due to the love of people for the contemporary life, Karachi provides. Apartments for sale in Bahria Hill View Residency Karachi is another improved example and the perfect opportunity for investment where you can start your life.

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1 Categories:           Residential
2 Sizes: 600 sq. fit, 1200 sq. fit
3 Builders: Zameen Property Network
4 Installment Plan: 4 Years
5 Located in: Precinct 6

Project Details

There is every possible reason to choose Bahria Hill View over any other project of Bahria Town Karachi. Bahria Hill View Karachi Payment plan is one of them. This allows you to have an ample amount of time to pay money in terms of a full 3.5 years plan. In return; you will also be having a luxurious, resourceful, and fully furnished apartment of your own. Located in Precinct 6, this is one of the best residential options one can have in Bahria Town Karachi for starting a life. You can also rent out the apartment and earn profits differently from it. Land for sale in Bahria Hill View Karachi is the best option for you!. Karachi is a magnet that is attracting thousands of people to itself. This makes about 6,000 people per square kilometer, which makes the space in Karachi fall short. Hill View Residency Karachi is a perfect alternate option for making your home!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Living in comfortable apartments is the dream of every person. Bahria Hill View Karachi is the perfect opportunity for you for having a grand apartment in a high-rise building and enjoys all the perks which come along with it. Investment opportunities in Bahria Town are available for you at affordable price tags and easy installment plans for complete facilitation of the people.
There are two specific categories for apartments in hill view residency Karachi located in the prestigious area of Bahria Town. These categories include one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. These are fully furnished apartments where you would have to move with your wardrobe. These include all the facilities which are involved in a suitable housing project.
As per Bahria Hill View Karachi Payment Schedule, there is an affordable range of apartments available in this project. These apartments are providing all the amenities of international standards. This housing project is a perfect opportunity for people who choose to live in Bahria Town and acquire its outstanding living standards for the upcoming future.
Hill View Residency Project Details suggests that this is an outstanding project with a number of amenities with ambitious project among many projects already residing under the boundaries of Bahria Town. We encourage people to invest in flats for sale in Bahria Hill View Karachi.
There are several questions which we get regarding land for sale in Bahria Hill View Residency Karachi which includes the exact location. This project is located in precinct 6 of Bahria Town which is near the Main Gate of Bahria Town and can be easily reached. This is an astonishing location for an apartment’s project present in Bahria Town Karachi.
For getting an apartment in Hill View Residency Karachi, you can easily approach us and get all the details. you have to follow a straightforward procedure in order to invest in the project. You will have a 4-year installment plan to follow which will be completely affordable and easily traceable for you. We can also customize the installment plan for you if you wish.
As Bahria Hill View Karachi is located in the prestigious location of Precinct 6, there are many famous landmarks of Bahria Town which can be near you. You can easily access Carnival, Danzoo, Schools, College, etc. All these renowned landmarks can be reached easily on a short drive from the location of Hill View Residency Karachi.
You should invest in Hill View Residency Karachi for numerous useful reasons. First of all, Bahria Hill View Karachi Prices are affordable for you, which will be beneficial for you in the upcoming future. These fully furnished apartments are given to you at cheap price rates, and the price of the property will increase in a matter of time to benefit you. You can even move here with your family!

Payment Schedule

Appartment Size Booking 48-Months Installments Possession Total Price
1 Bed Deluxe Apartment           600 sp ft Approx 1,480,000 62,500 500,000 4,980,000
2 Bed Deluxe Apartment            1200 Sq ft 1,460,000 156,250 1,000,000 9,960,000