Author: Saba Nisar
The SuperHighway's Next Big Project: Bin Ahsan Green City

Bin Ahsan Green City is becoming the new big Project on the SuperHighway Projects. Based on 100 acres of land Bin Ahsan Green City is being built to be a residential project with the luxury of an international standard living lifestyle. Not just that Bin Ahsan Green City is available on both sides of the road and it is directly linked with the main Saari interchange.

Bin Ahsan Green City includes all the modern-day amnesties one looks for in a residential area. Besides that, what sets Bin Ahsan Green City apart from other SuperHighway projects is its commitment to provide an environmentally pleasant atmosphere for the inhabitants, for which a huge plot of land has been set aside for the plantation.


Bin Ahsan Green City is located at the main M-9 Motorway is a project-based upon a 100-acre vast land. The location of any project is mostly the deciding factor of it. Bin Ahsan Green City is ideally situated at the Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway where one can reach within almost 21 mon drive from M-9 N-5 Link Road. Besides, It is linked to almost four key areas including M-10 Motorway, N-5, Kirthar National Park Road. The most amazing trait of Bin Ahsan Green City is that it is located on both sides of the road.


Bin Ahsan Green City is available on full cash payment only and there is a reason behind it and that is that Bin Ahsan is being expected to be built within two years, the construction work has already started and it is moving forwards with an immensely fast-paced. Additionally, it is available at the most reasonable prices and if we are to compare it with the other superhighway projects they are highly expensive comparison and offers the same ROI.

Secondly, Bin Ahsan Green City is offering the residential plots for 120 sq yd and 240 sq yd at deflated prices, in case of installment you get to pay the money according to the inflation price which in the long run gets more costly.


The development process in Bin Ahsan Green City is already started, it is because they have possessed basic approvals from all relevant societies. They are approved by SBA and SBCA and have all the Basic NOCs. Therefore, possession of Bin Ahsan Green City is going to be given within 1.5 to 2 years.


Bin Ahsan Green City is a steal deal since the profit margins on these investments are great. One thing that stands out in Bin Ahsan Green City is that this is a golden opportunity for the people who invest in real estate for capital gain. Bin Ahsan Green City is offering 15-20% on returns on investment, which is an immense capital gain.

The key to take from here is that we are talking about 15%-20% ROI that too in 6 months only.


Bin Ahsan Green City speaks for itself, they did their research prior hand. They have all the 7 NOCs required NOCs including Allotment NOCs, NOCs from Builder authority Gas, water, electricity, construction, Development. NOCs are the most significant factor in a real estate investment since they guarantee the investment's protection. All of the requisite NOCs are held by Bin Ahsan Builders and Developers. Because it is well understood that NOC has a certain value to them, it is seen as a resale component. So, if you decide to invest in Bin Ahsan Green City, you can rest certain that your money will be safe and secure.

Bin Ahsan Green City has all the Residential or commercial properties in Karachi and thus has all of the necessary NOCs. However, as the city of Karachi grows and a new metropolis is emerging along the M-9 Motorway, new-gated communities are springing up. Bin Ahsan Green City stands on the top as it is the first society that has all of the NOCs and is suitable for investment, not to mention that the investment and property opportunities in that community are limitless. In addition, the society is not other than Bin Ahsan Green City.


Before Bin Ahsan Green City, Bin Ahsan Builders completed a project in Gwadar. Furthermore, the fact that they are affiliated with the majority of Chambers of Commerce says volumes about their legitimacy; having a direct relationship with the government indicates that it is a project worth investing in, as well as providing full assurance of investment protection.


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