10 Habits of Successful Real Estate Investor

Author: Awais Kayani
10 Habits of Successful Real Estate Investor | Learn Real Estate

Do not wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait.

How to invest in real estate? Real estate investing isn’t as hard you think. It’s mostly math, the easy one, the hard one, and everything that would help you make a better decision when investing in real estate.

When investing in real estate in Pakistan, it may a bit hard to navigate if you’re new to it. However, once you’re familiar with the terms, the directions, the news, the sentiments and prices variation & predictions, etc. These and other methods would be key when investing in real estate.

Doing Real estate investment can be done in other ways if you’re not willing to do real estate investment alone. The top 3 methods are

  • Joint Venture.
  • Wholesaling
  • Property management

These methods use group investment as a strong point and are highly effective for real estate investment.

There isn’t a degree for real estate investment but there are possible courses and disciplinary programs that might help you for real estate investment.

The 10 Habits of successful real estate investors are:

Planning out Ideas

Real estate investors must understand the real estate market as a business venture. Therefore, careful and professional planning is a must.

For example, if you’re looking to buy Dubai’s real estate as a Pakistani. Then you just plan how much Durham it would cost you to buy real estate that would generate profit. How much is real estate worth there? Do people rent out in Dubai? How can you attract tourists or people doing working visa’s to be your tenant? Or how would the market be worth in the future of 2030 UAE?

Questions like these help you set ‘Goals’ for your real estate investment. Answering them might tell you what real estate can you afford, and how much long or short-term investment is vital at this point.

Real estate investors are also organized. They plan their investment out. They understand and chart out their rental income, know where to adapt the remodeling or rebuilding of the houses, and understanding the demography.

Source: albawaba | Bayut

Market Understanding

Knowing the market is a key tool for real estate investors. Understanding the markets decides for you. You start to visualize how the trend is moving. What other factors are involved in raising or falling real estate market price and demand?

Back to our example. You can see the Dubai has a very versatile demographic. According to a report by eye on Asia Dubai demographic has over 71% expatriates. With over 3 million population in 2021, around 2.3 million are male. After this, you see their buying trends, their state of income for each group, and understand how their GDP is moving.

Once you as a real estate investor, understand the basic economic, the micro economy, and individual behaviors, making a real estate investment becomes a lot clear and logical - because now you have all the data around the market.

Dubai, one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, is its key financial and trading hub


The success factor for most real estate investors is experiential learning. This means they spend more time learning and challenging their peers.

The networking holds them in place, gives insight to true and fair views. This also helps new and experienced real estate investors move forward and help each other grow towards a better investment strategy. Having a Real Estate Consultancy can help you interact with other such groups as well.

Being Clear and Honest

Real estate investors rely on their reputation. You may feel like using a piece of information in your favor and make an investment according to it - but sometimes ethics may be at stake. For a real estate investor, their ethics are key. Many Real estate investors are not obliged to hold some sort of ethics but because real estate mostly involves dealing with people - real estate investors are keen on maintaining their ethics as much as necessary.

Learning Legality

A real estate investor must stay updated with all the legal stances and regulations. The businesses of real estate are under constant change due to laws, taxes, and policies.

A successful real estate investor understands and learns all there is to know about legal implications, taxes, terminologies, policies, industry regulation, and their impact on his/her business. A failure in this aspect might hurt your business and worse you might break a law or regulation that could adversely impact you.

Niche to Meet You

Niche is important to have a deeper knowledge of what you’re going for in real estate. You have a variety of options to develop a real estate expertise in but to become successful, you need in-depth knowledge. Having a niche is up to you as an investor if you want to attain long-term success. Once you develop expertise, you can move towards other areas to know over. Some niches can be as

  • High-end Villas

(Check Bahria Town Villas)

  • Medium-Income housing units

(Check Bahria Apartments)

  • Farm rehabs

Accountant for Management

Saving the taxes and other fees can be a dream when you don’t know the laws and tax regulations. Taxes can take away a chunk of real estate income yearly.

You don't have enough time to read through books and laws every time, to stay updated. Therefore, hiring an accountant is easier and incomparable to the service he provides overall and the best of all saving you with the taxes. Once the taxes are taken care of, you can use the accountant to help you with other accounting books.

Promote Referrals

The referrals bring businesses to you. Your reputation can act as an ambassador for you, bringing your clients, business partners, tenants, associates, and other business players to you. This makes a real estate investor pay attention to other small details, hear complaints, and access their clients’ feedback. This builds relationships and trust - ultimately keeping your business thriving

Risks and Profits

As an investor, you might see the risks associated with the industry that is closely related to finance and investment. Real estate investment, on the other hand, is different. You’re more likely to see advertisements and discount opportunities like real estate is not much of a risk.

Real estate is one of the few investments where the risk is incredibly low. However, the property laws, tenant lows, mortgage, and banking laws are few ideal examples one should be wary of.

Since these laws and regulations are there to protect the buyers and sellers, the investors are the ones usually losing the money if anything goes out of hand.

Outsourcing Your Inefficiencies

Rather than being alone and doing all things yourself, you can hire other professionals to do non-core businesses activities for you. A successful real estate investor attributes their success to their mentors, lawyers, and their teachers or even a supportive friend.

So rather than bearing everything on their own, they add cost and add an expert on board to help them where it’s needed.

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Real Estate Investing much like other investment opportunities requires effort and determination, but more importantly discipline to achieve success. You may require a house for sale near you to start with and end up with multi-stories structures, your success is highly dependent on your personal growth and learning.

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