Is Karachi Over Priced? Bin Ahsan Green City

Author: Awais Kayani
Is Karachi Over Priced Bin Ahsan Green City

If you're an overseas Pakistani who needs the property for investment, or you're a student who just graduated, or maybe your Working-class citizen who's looking for a home then this video is for you.

Our homes are weird but overly priced

When we talk about how weird our homes are, we don’t necessarily mean the people living in them. What We do mean is how amazing it is that, no matter where you live.

There is no place like home.

Even if we are living here for 20 years or maybe more than 20 years or maybe we are one of those lucky people who live in a house our grandparents used to live in - Then we understand the fact that after a while you have to move out!

You might have to travel to another town for a job. Or you might have to there's no sort of comfort in it. There is one thing that bothers me more than YouTube ads. It's the prices of houses.

It's a general rule that

"Prices Control the Economy"


"Prices also Dictate your Lifestyle."

Many of us tend to think prices are equal to values but that's not the case all the time especially when it comes to buying property in cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Rawalpindi. For example, the property price in Karachi is increasing at an exponential rate.

As per the data. The prices have increased 250% in the last 10-15 years. The prices of Gulistan-e-Jauhar, DHA phase 1 to 8, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Malir and so on all are in crores. That's around millions of rupees just going on a property.

what If I'm a luxury living out of this?

Spending millions isn't bad for a good living isn't bad right? Well, it is perfectly good only if you're getting the Luxury in the first place.

We've explained the problems of Karachi in another video, the link will be down in the description. In that video, we explain the problems of Karachi in its 70 years of history. And I've also explained how Bahria Town in 7 years provides more than what Karachi could provide.

Be sure to check that video out.

So, not only do you need facilities and Luxury living standards but it should also be affordable. So, is there any property under 10 lacs? There is! I'm proud to announce that you can get your hands on the best project available right now.

Bin Ahsan Green City.

A Project that is under 10 lacs! Bin Ahsan green city is a big project that has Hundreds of planned houses. It is located on M9 Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway. As per this map, it is near 1Km near Sarri interchange.

- Other landmarks include Bahria Town Karachi, ASF Housing Scheme, DHA City, and Lucky Cement.

- It is one of the first completed projects on the M9 Motorway.

- With all the amenities such as parks, a grand mosque, and an educational institute. It is probably one of the best and completed projects in its entirety,

As for the house and other related matter

- The plot area is enormous with the size of 120 Guz or 1069.63 sq feet.

- They have all the NOCs and are SBCA and SDA Approved.

- You can expect possession in 2 years, which means it’s a fully paid project.

The price? 7 Lacs and 50 thousand. It is the lowest one on the list.

So, if you're an overseas Pakistani who needs the property for investment, or you're a student who just graduated or maybe your Working-class citizen who's looking for a home then Bin Ahsan is your destination.

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