Karachi is “Overcrowded”

Author: Awais Kayani
Karachi is Overcrowded - Bin Ahsan Tower 51

Karachi - A robust city. A city that is just like a house with no ventilation, deteriorated walls and pathways, rooms placement that make no sense; and worst of all -

With no room to build, people are now building upwards, into the skies.

Let’s say you want to get groceries and you live in 60 lacs, 3-bedroom apartment somewhere in Jauhar.

A Dream and A Reality

From a 12th floor tall apartment, that should take you 10-20 mins to get down using the elevator, into your car that is parked, and you are on your way to getting your groceries from Metro or Imtiaz Supermarket.

Sounds simple right? However, that’s not how it happens. This is how your scenario plays out

Your apartment either doesn’t have an elevator or maybe it’s unsafe or broken all the time. So, You use your stairs and you climb down to the ground floor. An action that now takes you 20-30 minutes to do.

You hop onto the car and decide to use Johar more to reach the nearest supermarket ‘Chase Value’ on Rashid Minhas Road near RedBox. A distance that is less than 7 Km even if you live beyond Johar Chorangi, that same distance would take you 30 mins to a whole hour. Why?

Simple, it’s overcrowded and A Jammed-packed traffic and pothole-filled roads and no parking system anywhere near chase value.

What’s the solution then?

What you need is a good property. What You need is a property that is not crowded, it’s clean, built with all the infrastructure, no water issues, and no Electricity problem, and best of all it’s much more affordable than any other part of Karachi.

Here are the 2 projects that I am happy to share with you guys

All of these Projects are under reputable ownership and they have a series of projects they have already delivered in the past. We did a background check on all of them, so best to believe that these are real and legit projects.

The Bin Ahsan Green City is one of the most affordable housing societies on the outskirts of Karachi. The details of the project, the price, and the location is covered in the following Article:

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Tower 51 is one of the most well-balanced and affordable apartments in Bahria Town. The Bahria Town itself is equipped with all the basic necessities, fully functional features, and a high standard of living. The Tower51 is one of a kind and is present in front of Bahria Heights.

The details of project Tower51 are covered in this article:

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