Money Heist Song - A Parody Version by Redbox

Author: Awais Kayani
Bahria Jao A parody Song by RedFlix |Money Heist Parody Song

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Ever wondered what a different or a parallel universe version of Professor from Netflix would be?

Certainly, Netflix money heist wasn’t just the best-grossing series on Netflix for nothing - the series has five seasons with over $15.7 Million spent on season 5! We can guess how much effort was put into getting this show on the main screen. knowing this series was considered flopped on Netflix as it was canceled in Spain when season 2 arrived.

There’s even a greater parody coming towards your way by a revolutionary company named Redbox. Redbox has a media production house called RedFlix - On October 21st, they produced an amazing music parody video of the Money Heist Netflix Theme song Bella Ciao.

Still, Wondering what that parody music video sounds like? Just watch this video below:

Redbox has become one of the prime examples of how creativity, trend, and niches can be combined together. A real estate company and a creative think tank by night - Redbox's Media House has proved to be an eligible marketing cornerstone of the parent company.

It was the creative arc that Redbox wishes to accomplish. Having limited resources shouldn’t be an issue when you have a core team that is willing to put everything to get their name on the board. This is probably the first time for a Real Estate Marketing company to step into this field of art.

So, how does RedFlix make this? It mainly used the theme of Bahria Town as a source of content inspiration.

We started off with headhunting, a replica of Professor from Money heist. Finding ideal candidates and screening them. This was no easy task as many claims to be masked, but only a few came close. One of the candidates looked like, enough to be called the doppelganger of the professor. Here’s behind-the-scenes footage of the professor.

Now for a comparison. The professor of our version looks closer to the original version of Netflix Professor.

Next what we needed was some masks, and an outfit: a red jumper suit. It didn't take that long to find the professor. The costume gave his whole parody the ambiance it needed. The production crew used the mask to portray the message while roaming on the streets of Karachi. Many issues exist that need fixing. Money heist gives the same message - well, more or less.

The production cost was considered while making all of this. The equipment, use of commercial spaces, B rolls, and hiring were a few key areas where we exceeded at.

Thus lastly, an 'Excellent Music Composition', well-known 'Directors', Writers, and the crew - all of them were part of the Redbox production team and all of them were on our checklist.

And there you go!

Now, we add marketing to our recipe and thus the hype was created. Check our Facebook banners to see more of the creative side.

Israr Ahmed is a great social media enthusiast who loves the spark he has through his work. Netflix made stars from their platform. Redbox cares about talent and ingenuity, therefore we go the extra mile to use this platform to make a talent shine in the spotlight.

You can find him through his Facebook Page!

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