Ocean Marina Gwadar is going to make Gwadar habitable in next 3 years

By Admin - February 22,19

Gwadar used to be just a disserted barren land, but from the past couple of years, it has brought a lot of interest from the investors after the launch of grand project CPEC. After that, this city has become the center of all the investment in the country mainly in the industrial sector. Due to the visits of the premiers of different countries, investment is in full swing and making Gwadar not only an industrial hub but also a habitable city thanks to numerous housing societies in it by the big real estate brands of the country. Talking about the brands, SiddiqSons is the name which has always been at the forefront from 1959.

After the success of Ocean Tower Karachi, the SiddiqSons are now presenting Ocean Marina Gwadar with "A" grade NOC from GDA.

"A" grade NOC from the GDA means that the SiddiqSons are bound to complete their construction work in the society before 2021 or the land will get substituted to someone else. That is why SiddiqSons are equipping this housing society with all the necessary and lavish amenities for the people so they can live a gold standard and luxurious life in a healthy atmosphere. It is at the 5th avenue from Makran Coastal Highway, a drive of 5 minutes from the Zero Point.

Smart housing project

The Ocean Marina Gwadar is the smart housing project that is promising to provide all the perks for healthy living. The idea is to provide a secured lifestyle for all the residents. It is a boundary wall secured project with the streets and every other corner monitored round the clock through CCTV cameras. Moreover, schools, colleges, hospitals, cinemas, fitness center, parks, are some of the other perks of this project. Other than that, a modern sewerage system, carpeted roads, and water treatment plants are other dominant features too.  

Grade ‘A’ NOC

Ocean Marina Gwadar that was previously known as ocean city got its NOC in the year 2005. The NOC is of ‘A’ grade category which means its development has to be completed by the year 2021. This means it is going to be the first most society that will make Gwadar habitable for the people. NOC is divided into categories A, B, and C. The societies that come under the A category are prioritized by the GDA and the landowners and builders are bound to develop this part of the Gwadar land first till the year 2021.  However, in category ‘B’ the builders and land constructors have time till the year 2030 because these lands are far from the central Gwadar. For grade C the development is less prioritized and will be completed by the end of the year 2050.

Ocean Marina Gwadar is indeed a golden chance not only to secure the investment but to live in a society that has all the potential to pursue a healthy lifestyle.


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