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By Admin - October 01,18

Whenever you discuss the major real estate projects in Pakistan, the first name that comes in everyone’s mind is the Defense Housing Authority, in short DHA. The DHA is undoubtedly the leading and the most demanding property project in the country which not only expanding in different countries but also maintaining its prestige. The DHA major projects in the cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad were already famous due to the high-class lifestyle it is providing. But now the DHA is also getting established in the cities like Bahawalpur and Nawabshah. If this makes you interested, then you will also love the REDBOX real estate online magazine which is an ideal magazine for all the property enthusiasts. The REDBOX that is already a prominent property portal in Pakistan is also educating the masses through this real estate e-mag. Regarding the DHA, the REDBOX residential and real estate magazine publishes special content. The content that we include in our magazine comprises of different news attach with the REDBOX. If you want to know more that how we are helping the interested people in the DHA projects all over Pakistan, read the next few lines because this is where we are going to guide you that how our real estate magazine can help you to know more about the DHA and its future projects.

DHA Inventories

First thing first. If anyone is interested in the DHA, then the reason for his interest in DHA would be the properties that DHA offers. That is why the REDBOX online real estate magazine include hundreds of inventories in its daily edition. All of these inventories are either up for sale or rent. Moreover, these are the entries that we get from genuine sellers on our website. On an average, we receive near to five hundred properties daily that we then check through our trusted realtors. Because of this, we ensure that the properties which we allowed to publish in our magazine and property portal. So if you want to know what properties are up for sale and for rent, then REDBOX online real estate magazine is the place to go.

DHA Related News

If you are the fan of DHA and the lavish lifestyles that DHA offers, then you would also be the fond of DHA related news. The REDBOX because it also has a YouTube channel and covers all the real estate related events and news that can help the masses. The REDBOX is also a proud media partner of the DEFCLAREA which is the association of the real estate agents that deal in the DHA properties of Pakistan. By having an interest in the DHA, you will also find numerous interesting things in the DEFCLAREA. The REDBOX also distribute free real estate magazines and gather appreciation from all.

Advertisement for DHA

The REDBOX real estate online magazine is the most penetrated magazine in the DHA community. That is why if you want to publish or promote anything for the DHA then the REDBOX online real estate magazine is the best platform for you. We provide different spaces with different sizes for the masses where they can advertise their designs at very economical rates.

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