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The Affordable AQ Penthouses of Bahria Town Karachi.

Bahria Town Karachi calls the residents to experience a luxury they haven’t experienced before with the building of the penthouses.

Since penthouses are not that common in Pakistan, people often neglect the luxury they can get to enjoy in a penthouse and thus prefer opting for houses and apartments.


A penthouse is an apartment or unit on the highest floor of a building, hotel, or mall. The rooms and selling are quite vast and tall of a penthouse, besides there is enough space for light to enter.

Penthouses in Bahria Town Karachi provide occupants with such an exclusive and private lifestyle that they frequently seek out alternative flats. However, penthouses are designed mainly to provide occupants with a unique and exceptional lifestyle.


Redbox presents yet another amazing project for our valuable clients for them to experience luxury in form of New penthouses in Bahria town Karachi.

The Abul Qasim penthouses are the upcoming finest and most luxurious penthouses. The most premium luxury houses of Bahria Town Karachi. AQ Penthouses are made with contemporary designs and architecture giving residence the ultimate luxury. It’s a project of Ground + 1 that comprises of Kitchen, a Vast Lounge, and much more.

AQ Penthouses is catered aim of providing the residents with an ultimate experience of an extravagant lifestyle, along with a unique array of entertainment and leisure amenities.

Abul Qasim Penthouses is the upcoming project by Adul Qasim Builders, catered with the aim of providing the residents with an ultimate experience of an extravagant lifestyle, along with a unique array of entertainment and leisure amenities.


Strategically located in the precinct of Bahria Town Karachi, the penthouses offer contemporary designs and architecture, providing residents with the ultimate luxury in their residence. Following are the few key offering of the AQ penthouse:


The penthouses are to give the residents an incredible view of the state-of-art structure of Bahria Town Karachi and high-rise living vibes that are exceptional.


AQ penthouse grandeur includes premium swimming pools that are adjacent to the penthouses.


The most extravagant feature of Penthouses is the parking; the penthouses will have their very own parking.


AQ Penthouses are offerings indoor games that are going to make the residents’ life much more exclusive and enjoyable: the luxury of the indoor game that the residents are going to be enjoying includes: jogging track, indoor park, Squash, Basket Ball Court, Indoor Tennis, Cricket, Bowling, Library, Gym, Mart, Mosque.

The AQ Penthouses are being developed in a futuristic style. Penthouse living on top of a high rise is opulent in and of itself. AQ penthouses have high-end facilities, modern furniture, top-of-the-line equipment, the finest material fittings, and luxury flooring systems. They also have a swimming pool, a private entrance, parking, higher/vaulted ceilings, indoor activities, and other amenities.

Living in a rooftop apartment means being both within and outside of the city. You get the best of both worlds, with convenient access to city center activities and facilities and the tranquil environment of a villa or farmhouse.

Buy a penthouse in Bahria town Karachi and take another step towards experiencing your dreams.

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