Why Invest in Bahria Town precinct 61?

Author: Awais Kayani
Bahria Town, Why Invest in precinct 61

Precinct 61 is present in Bahira Town with a 30 km distance from the main gate. Get yourself an apartment or get your investment in Bahria’s most in-demand project yet.

The Bahria Town’s Precinct 61 is one of the most discussed projects of Bahir Town. With many facilities that come along with it, however, many investors tend to think of this as a hallmark of a major development that is yet to come.

Market Change

Improving Graph of Bahria Town is a giveaway that many of us feel living in a different country. However, unlike other countries the property market in

Pakistan is always based on trust and high-end demand for homes in the sale. Home for sale in Bahria Town can be a large contributor to the uprising demand that the precinct is facing as of now.

The factor of other Precincts

The factor of precincts that are near Precinct 61 is a key indication that the price is increasing. The majority of factors in consideration is the price.

The price of precincts 38 and 39 is around 12 to 14 million. The other precincts such as P1 to p33 are more developed, and this progress had increased its cost over the years.

The Price

The comparison would mean bringing two poles together. Precinct 61 has a price of about 19 to 20 lacs.

The P62 and P63 have their prices at 15 to 16 lacs. The only reason why these precincts are relatively low prices is due to the elevation factor of these precincts. The p61 is more at a height than p62 and p63.

The Attractive Investment Feature:

The P61 would appear to have its own 32 Acre of Park that would be a high investment attraction point. Other parks such as Central Park, Theme Park, and Danzoo have also increased the price of their localities by an incredible margin.

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