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We are Redefining the boundaries of the construction industry. We are the Global experts in shaping a better path to build a sustainable environment - We are helping to construct ways to a more connected, resilient and sustainable world

Transparent results for clients. Service through excellence. Goals like these drive our business. Whatever the constraints there may be, We never stop challenging ourselves - to innovate, to be transparent and live up to the expectations. This means we’re not only creating a more resilient and competitive business, our people are also leading and transforming our industry to help drive wider benefits for the suppliers, partners and communities we work with.


Through Technology and Expertise, our structure stands talls and strong with our Residential and commercial projects

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Foundation is the key. Completing and seeing thorough Tests makes the structure stay for generations.


Delivering results. Owning Experts helps us understand what the customer expects and wants from us, making delivery easier.


Interior Designs and Exterior finishings go hand in hand. We believe in the aesthetic and beauty of homes and structures - In and Out.


Why Prefer Us Holding your Future Firmly

We lead a team of experts. With our vast market knowledge, we understand modern trends, International Standards and Valuable insights - Making us ready for every customer’s demand.

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Superior Quality

The need for excellent buildings demands quality beyond comparison.

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We value transparency and authenticity over secrecy.

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Strategic Timeline

Our services follow a strict and strategic timeline, making our deadlines guaranteed.

Securing the costs
Securing the costs

A smart company knows where to save cost - providing more value in an economic manner

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Community Building

Smart Buildings promotes and engages with the smarter community.

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International Standards

Following International Standards keeps us at the top of Ranks from local competitors.

REDBOX Builder and Developers


We have announced ourselves as a registered company that cares for you. A Research Driven business model and Environment policy has kept us thriving in the market for years! And Now we join together to serve you best under a common banner - RedBox Builders and Developers.

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Brands Love us – We have been providing true and fair market competition that compels us to grow with others and build businesses around us.




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