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Author: Awais Kayani
How To invest in Real Estate Pakistan | Real Estate with RedBox

Investing can be a tricky subject. From getting useful knowledge to understanding how the market actually works, many people take their time when investing. So, you don’t want to wait till you reach 40 years of age and then make an investment, which you probably would not be able to use immediately anyways.

So, where to invest money in Pakistan?

One of the safest and reliable options for most investors is Real Estate. Real Estate Investment is the most profitable investment avenue for Pakistan. Reasons why real estate is the best investment in Pakistan are explained in the blog below.

So, before you invest, you need a powerful tool and an expert to help you make these investments so you can make profits and not experiments.

What You Need Is REDBOX

RedBox is a real estate investment and consultancy firm. Founded by leading real estate experts such as Mr. Naveed Shah and Mr. Saeed Shah, many reformations in real estate have taken place. Before the formation of such firms, no one would have known, how to access real estate without taking any bigger risks such as fraud and fake fillings. RedBox serves that purpose and is a determinant in becoming your property guide.

Here are the 5 Reasons why you should invest in Real Estate through RedBox.

Expertise in Real Estate

One of the biggest factors that affect most buyers, sellers, and investors is the agent not being the real estate expert. Usually, these agents only look for quick Rupees and end up making losses for their customers. You don’t want to be in that place!

The marketplace is vivid, complex, dynamic, and ever-changing. The real estate market is also one of the most expensive markets for investment, therefore being an expert in the matter is of utmost importance.

RedBox has been in the real estate market for decades and is a proud reliable choice for any investments in this regard. This aspect makes the real estate industry more investment-friendly for those customers who are new to the investment.

You can find more reviews and testimonials on our website.

Documents, Documents, & Documents

Many investors fail to grasp the concept of the importance of documents when buying and selling property. Documents are the thread that keeps the property with you and not to someone else.

Not having the documents can be problematic, and may cause legal complications in the future. Without the proper documents, many authorities would not be able to register the property in their files, which would make it even harder to get it attested in the future.

There are many documents including the NOCs (The Non-Objection Certificates) that are required before taking any measures in building the property.

You can find more details on what NOCs are needed before making property investments.


Other than these there are other documents that vary from dealer to dealer, as there’s more likely that you’re going to buy a house which would be under some project, for example, Bahria Town Karachi, the Bahria Town Karachi would provide extra documents along with the main purchase documents.

If you’re interested in knowing the current prices of Bahria Town Karachi:

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Hassle-Free Process:

The property buying process in Pakistan is tiring, complex, and exhausting. Just to give you an overview, below in the Lease process of KDA

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Property buying has been developed through different means over time, since there haven’t been any regulatory body in Pakistan, many people tend to become the middle man and act as an agent.

Without proper registration, many agents can get away with scams and frauds without anyone holding them accountable. REDBOX is a registered firm and a tax-paying one. The RERA (Real Estate Regulator Authority) would be formed after 2022 as per the report, and REDBOX has applied for the registration because we believe in complete accountability rather than unfair play, all for our valuable customers.

The Legal Consultancy

RedBox provided legal consultancy as well. Many Clients face a stiff situation where many documents hold them accountable for something that they are not aware of.

Legal matters are harsh and take a lot out of one’s pocket when their claim gets challenged in court. Since the customers are unable to understand the legal severity, RedBox helps its clientele in making their best decision with the best legal advice.

Case Study: One of our clients had purchased a property through lease, the lease document stated that the property would be handed over to the lessee when the amount is paid in due time and reached maturity.

The document also had a consequence of not paying the amount, which was forfeit of lessee rights (not getting the property), paying the damages done to the lessor, and no returns of the amount paid. This part was in legal jargon and can be crossed out. The customers do not cross this point or fail to understand it. Thus paying, huge damages in amounts and not getting the property in their ownership.

The Marketing Giant

Many builders and developers want to market themselves to the masses. There exist a huge gap in the market, where many projects are susceptible to exhaustion and incompletion due to investors not knowing about the project or failing to trust the developer as they haven’t heard their name.

Investors, have to invest in that projects that actually get completed and produce a return on investment. Thus only those investments are fruitful if the projects are marketed properly.

RedBox is one of the largest digital marketing platforms, with over millions of YOUTUBE views, 250k Subscribers (2021), and thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. RedBox follows marking principles and does its best.

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