Future of M-9 Motorway; The Societies

Author: Awais Kayani
M9 Motorway and The Societies | Redbox

How would the M9 motorway solve Karachi’s population time bomb? The newer and mega societies in the outskirts might be the answer.

There are numerous rumors and news about the good and new about the M9 motorway. A project that is part of CPEC and the one belt one road initiative. You have left Karachi either on airplanes or railways a decade back, whereas now, any vehicle can help you cross cities through these motorways that spread from Karachi to Peshawar.

M9 Motorway is one of the motorways that is part of a giant road network that connects almost all the major cities of Pakistan. Unlike other roads, the M9 motorway is a modern and public-private partnership project.

Karachi is one the fastest growing city in Pakistan with an average of 4% growth per annum. The city’s growth is directly linked to its economic wellbeing however the congestion in traffic and environmental degradation in the city has led to a decrease in revenue and human resource output, which simply means that we are not handling the problems of Karachi properly or fixing it as we should.

The M9 motorway is a breath of fresh air for Karachi’s transport infrastructure. As the local traffic and port, traffic joins at various points of the motorway. The Karachi port handles 60% of the nation’s cargo, while port Qasim’s handles about 30% of it, making it necessary to have a wider and stable road for all cargo to move out of the city.

The Societies

When you explore the M-9 motorway you would find many societies that are beside it. This allows the societies to connect with the main city and be part of it.

At the very start of the M9 motorway that connects from Sohrab Goth and moves towards the Jamali bridge. Some numerous houses and villas are part of Scheme 33 society. The other societies that are present alongside scheme 33 are Teacher’s Societies, Madras Societies, Punjabi Sodagraan Society, KDA society, post office society, etc. The societies are under construction as the city progress to grow outwards. Usually, the sizable plots are at 120, 240, 400 sq yards.

Moving forward from the Jamali Bridge along the motorway, we find Mayamar Mor at the left side that leads to Gulshan-e-Maymar.

Further few distances ahead, the motorway takes a sharp turn to the right. The northern bypass comes straight at the north of the motorway where many societies, markets, and well-developed areas would soon going to be established. On the other hand, if we move further ahead on the motorway, there we would find Scheme 45 that is also linked with Tesar town.

Now we have reached Toll plaza, Karachi is far beyond comprehensible in such boundaries. Karachi has now grown beyond Toll plaza further up to Hyderabad.

After journeying a distance of only 11 km, we find ourselves in Pakistan’s Biggest housing society, Bahria Town. A modern and state-of-the-art society with high-end infrastructure, electricity, and a self-sufficient water system. With all the modern utilities and facilities available, Bahria Town is, therefore, one of the most sought-after housing societies in Pakistan.

Going forward a further few km ahead of Bahria town, we would find DHA city on the right side of the motorway. Plots of varying size, commercial plots, golf courses, hospitals, Shopping malls parks, etc, and all other facilities are also available. The DHA city would also be able to connect with the rest of the city through Malir Motorway which would end at Qayyomabad near DHA phase 8, shortening the traveling time up to 20 mins.

Furthering our journey, we would find another megaproject called ASF City. A sustainable city project that is just near DHA city. Just like any other mega society, the plot size variance is vast, sizing up to 80, 125, 250, 500 sq yards plots along with sales of commercial plots. There would be complete facilities available that include, hospitals, Colleges, parks, clubhouses, etc.

Moving further ahead into the last phase of the Karachi-Hyderabad motorway, we would find Noriayabad and Noriyabad junction. There is also one of the most reputable societies, Indus Enclave, that is present there which is considered to be highly affordable. Sizing up to 80 120, 200, 400 sq yards villas would be available soon.

Conclusion - The Future

In the near future motorway societies the hospitals, colleges, universities, markets, and standardized infrastructure would soon be part of the societies that link directly to the motorway. The current influx of people that are moving out of the city is massive as the population is super packed up in Karachi. We believe the growth would further ramp up shortly as the demand for houses would be met through these societies fairly and more easily.

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