Tower 51 Bahria Town

Author: Awais Kayani
Tower51 Bahria Town Features Payment Plans

Tower 51 is one of the best apartments in Bahria Town. It is located in front of Bahria Heights in precinct number 8. The project is owned by AF associates and builders.

One of the great features of this project is

  • The flat is customizable
  • It has fast lifts with large parking spaces.
  • The management does yearly maintenance on its own and is equipped with a standby generator.

It’s a 2- & 3-bedroom luxury apartment. Present in different sizes.

The 1050 sq feet is at the price of 84 lacs.

889 sq ft costs around 71 lacs 12 thousand

And lastly, 855 sq ft is priced at 68 lacs and 40 thousand.

There are two showrooms in Tower51 that are priced at 17 million and 600 thousand for 400 sq ft space. And for 300 Sq ft. it costs around 12 million.

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A lifestyle that matches your needs to the fullest. It is a Dream-like of 2 and 3 Bedrooms. Tower51 is one of the greatest apartments in Bahria Town.

With all the luxury of Bahria Town waiting for You!

About Tower51

Tower51 is one of the best apartments available in Bahria Town. Located in front of Bahria Heights, and is present in Precinct number 8 of Bahria Town. The Bahria Town precinct 8 is one of the most sought residential areas in all of Bahria Town.

It is located in an elevated area where you can enjoy all of your serene viewings no matter where you are. The Tower51 is highly elegant in its structure with many facilities present in its vicinity.

The Tower51 is being built by one of the most successful builders “AF Associates and Builders”, with many other projects under their belt, they have all the experience and expertise to provide you with the dream home.

The Prominent Features

The prominent features of Tower51 are as follows:

Customizable Flat

The flat is fully customizable. You can change the part of the house that needs changing.

Speedy Lifts

The lifts are up to international standards with No delay and fast speed.

Yearly Maintenance

The Tower51 Management does all the maintenance and fixtures for you so you can rest easy

Standby Generator

The Generator holds strong power for any unprecedented scenarios. You will not be seeing any problems related to electricity.

Security and Cameras

The apartment has its own security system and cameras in a place for your safety and assurance.

Floor plans are carefully curated to satisfy all of your architectural needs.

Our Floor plans have integrated facilities and construction modules linked to them. The design follows the international architectural style with complete adaptation to modern living standards.

Plenty of Room for your Eyes to See

The design of Tower51 rooms is easy to adjust to and feels new every time you walk into your room. The rooms are spacious with all the walking and moving spaces. The tower51 is designed to not feel closed-in or too packed.

Energize yourself with complete elegance

The elegance of Tower51 spreads throughout the rooms. Feel the breeze and fence the problems where it needs to be. Your lifestyle holds no bar. The Tower51 has a new momentum for your

The Showrooms are spacious

These showrooms are unique in their own rights. The Showrooms are built to suffice and uphold elegance. The showrooms are adaptable to all of your needs.

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Payment Plans

The Payment Plans are different for each home size. There are 3 main home sizes that are available, along 2 with these 2 showroom sizes are also available.

Size 1050 Sq Ft.

Rates: 8000

Installments 84,000

Possession: 840,000

Price: 8,400,000

Size 889 Sq Ft.

Rates: 8000

Installments: 71,120

Possession: 711,200

Price: 7,112,000

Size 885 Sq Ft.

Rates: 8000

Installments: 71,120

Possession: 711,200

Price: 6,840,000

As for the showrooms, the price plans are as follows


Booking 1,000,000

Installment 350,000

Possession 2,000,000

Price: 17,600,000


Booking 700,000

Installment 250,000

Possession 900,000

Price 12,000,000

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