Al-Barsha Farmhouse

With the natural serene of a beautiful lake in the surroundings, Al-Barsha developers have brought this amazing project to help people attain the happiness of a second home. Offering 1000 sq. yds at mind-boggling rates, we have become the new trend setters of the real estate industry.

Why should I opt for Al-Barsha Farmhouse?

Al-Barsha Farmhouse is the best option if you wish to own a 1000 sq. yds property at very affordable rates.


Your dream farmhouse is just 2 hours away from Karachi toll plaza.  Nearby the famous place Gharo. The best thing about this place is the serenity that you will get there along with the beauty of natural lake and the peaceful sceneries.


Providing 1000 sq. yards plots, so you get an extravagant lifestyle at incredibly low rates. The Farmhouses with a beautiful lake in the purlieu will have a wonderful spot to go have fun fishing as well as enjoy a dine out in the restaurants built there.


Exclusive Amenities

Horse Riding Club
Open Air Gym
Play Ground
Fishing Lake
Floating restaurant
Jogging Track


Location National Highway towards Gharo, Mirpur Sakro,
Total Area 16acre
Available Farmhouses  42 Farmhouses Plot

Project Details

Al-Barsha Developers has brought this amazing project of Al-Barsha Farmhouses with 1000 sq.yards plots. The best thing about this is the serene location having the natural beauty of a wide lake where we will be providing you a wonderful fishing spot to go fishing and various restaurants so you can enjoy quality food as well. Everything that your loved ones will be needing to have fun during their stay at their second home has been taken care of just as effectively as you would want.

Our Story:

Al-Barsha developers stepped into this business with the goal of helping people achieve their dreams of enhanced living standards via offering market competitive & most affordable rates.

We understand that the economic conditions have made it seem like a dream unattainable for many of us. But, Al-Barsha is revolutionizing the industry by being the ones who leave no stone unturned in order to help people own the property that they have always dreamt of.

Besides ensuring that your investment helps you enhance your living standard, Al-Barsha Developers have made it their motto to help you attain those dreams of “owning property” at the lowest possible costs.

Achieve Your Dreams, Own Your Property with Al-Barsha Developers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help people attain their dreams of owning property at wallet-caring rates

Our Values

Values are the pillars to make us all stand high in between a million. Al-Barsha Developers, being the industry trend setters, are proud of their values & integrity.

Our Values include:
      - Trust
      - Quality
      - Commitment to Deliver

Some Frequently Asked Questions

If you intend to give your family, the luxury of a second home then Al-barsha farmhouses provide you the best opportunity to get it at the lowest possible cost.
Right now, the cost of a 1000 sq. yd plot is 11 Lakh rupees. But, since the unites available are less than 15 so the prices will go up soon.
Out of the total 48 units, only 12 units are remaining. So you better hurry up, or you might miss this wonderful opportunity.
As per the current real estate estimates, these farmhouses will worth +33 Lakh rupees in the next 3 years which is almost triple of the investment value.

Payment Schedule

Size Total Amount (Cash)
1000 Sq yd 1,100,000