Jauharat Cattle & Farm Houses

Adapt to the new way of farming by investing in Jauharat now! The project aims to provide affordable yet innovative methods of farming where you can earn by establishing your farming business at rates never imagined before. You can book your farmhouse for different categorical farming businesses such as cattle & dairy, birds farming, poultry farming, and goat farming.

Why Should I opt for Jauharat?

If you are an enthusiast of farming but still cannot find developed and affordable solution, Jauharat is the right pick for you!


Jauharat provides affordable farmhouses for sale located near the vicinities of Scheme 45. It is present at a 10-minute drive from Sabzi Mandi and 3-minute drive from Karachi Maveshi Mandi.


Providing feasible and specified amenities, the project is the right pick for newer farming opportunities. Some of the important amenities includes it being a boundary wall project with maximum security.


Exclusive Amenities

Boundary Wall Project
24/7 Security
Utilities Available
Water Available on Site
Close to Relevant Markets


Location: Near Scheme 45, 10-minute drive from Sabzi Mandi & 3-minute drive from Karachi Maveshi Mandi.

Project Details

Jauharat is the “new way of farming” in the current era. This project is associated with the new and innovative methods for cattle & dairy, birds farming, poultry farming and goat farming for you! Through maximum benefits provided by the project, it is also a secure and safe investment to kickstart your farming business in the current times. If you are still looking for th perfect opporutnity to avail, this is the right pick for you.

With the maximum focus on residential and commercial projects around the country, there is very less attention to the business owners. Through Jauharat, many people with extra ordinary abilities of maximizing and working on farming techniques, will be able to thrive.

The main objective of these business owners is finding a land that is safe and secure for farming. Through these available solutions, we have been able to provide you with a safe project to fulfill your needs. Our payment plans are extremely flexible.

Besides ensuring that your busienss thrives, we also make sure that Jauharat has been able to raise the standards of your farming tehniques with maximum results provided to you by newer innovative and fresh methods.

Get Farming Business Success with Jauharat & Redbox Real Estate.

Our vision is to help the people in achieving their reality of farming investments and grow richer by the day!

Through our values, we have been able to help out different clients in maximizing the opportunities through their investment in Jauharat. Our values includes;

Some Frequently Asked Questions

If you intend to maximize the opportunities by exploring farming methods and its latest innovations, Jauharat is the right pick for you.
The booking of this project is from Rs. 150,000. The installment plan is dieived for 18-months installments of Rs. 45,000.
The total price amount of the purchased farmhouse in Jauharat is to be paid by the client in 18-months.
It is expected that the prices of these farmhouses will be tripled in the upcoming three years span.

Payment Schedule